McKenzie Lloyd-Smith, Ph.D.

AIX Consultant, UX Researcher & Strategist

Innovative Strategist.

I am an experienced UX researcher, consultant and strategist, specializing in artificial intelligence experience (AIX).

I oversee complex strategic, technical and research projects for technology-led companies. I specialise in human-AI interactions and help leaders identify AI opportunities, product teams build valuable AI products, and society benefit from safe and responsible AI technologies.

I consult for distinguished clients including Google, the UK's National Health Service, the Civil Aviation Authority, Transport for London, and provide expertise to notable consultancies including Stripe Partners and PwC.

Subject Matter Expert.

I operate at the intersection of technology and human behavior. I hold a PhD in Management, and specialize in technology adoption, behavioral science and artificial intelligence. My research has been published in world-renowned journals, and influenced decision-makers, knowledge users, and policy-makers. It has been recognised for its impact by several international awarding bodies. I serve as an subject matter expert for organizations including Vector Institute and MaRS.

Advisor & Coach.

In addition to coaching several clients, I frequently design and facilitate workshops for high-performing teams and executive leadership across diverse industries. I host ideation clinics, facilitate sprints, conduct deep-dives, and act as advisor to a number of early-stage high growth ventures. I teach ExecEd classes for various MBA programmes, including University of Toronto and Schulich Business School. I frequently speak at conferences & events.

I am an innovation and strategy partner for accelerating organizations.

I work with pre-seed startups to global Fortune 50 clients, helping them translate what’s now into what’s next — driving the innovation that shapes tomorrow. 


Director of Comms, travel client

It's rare to find a consultant with the precision and dedication that McKenzie brought // His contributions are highly valued, and I fully recommend his expertise.

Head of Research, tech client

It's been a true gift to engage with such brilliant, caring, and thoughtful collaborators. Your stellar work is greatly appreciated.

Medical Director, healthcare client

McKenzie's approach was both insightful and optimistic. His presence was a constructive force and his commitment to improving healthcare for patients and healthcare professionals is clear.

Upcoming Event:
Building Human-Centric AI Products


Selected Work.

I help progressive businesses build products, services and strategies with profound value for their customers, employees, shareholders, and society.

UX and trend analysis for Gen-Z

Adapting a digital marketplace to align with Gen-Z trends and preferences


AI in Healthcare.

Designing and implementing cutting edge technological innovation within healthcare



I build free digital tools which leverage AI/ML to improve productivity and workflow.

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