What I do.

I work at the intersection of technology and human behavior, supporting founders, product teams and senior leaders to help them make better products and better decisions. My work has been used to increase employee engagement, encourage sustainable behaviour, drive user behaviors, reduce organizational risk exposure, and generate product & service innovations. 

1. Strategy & Innovation Consulting.

I offer UX, innovation and insight services for progressive businesses, driving the innovation that shapes tomorrow.

01. UX Research

02. Innovation Strategy.

03. Insight & Foresight. 

2. Research Services.

I specialize in advanced research methods, and draw on existing evidence, my own research, and advanced analytical and creative tools to deliver strategic insights. The methods I use include:

Examples of projects I have worked on include:

3. Workshops, Training & Advisory Services.

I design and deliver on- and off-site workshops, training events, and development sessions, tailored to each clients' unique needs.  Examples of workshops I have delivered:

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