How can an innovative brewery transform beer from a commodity into an extraordinary experience?

The Challenge 

The Wild Beer Co., an innovative, non-traditional brewery, sought guidance in elevating their craft beer from a simple commodity to something more memorable.

The Approach

I conducted a comprehensive cultural analysis, supported by an industry and market review, translating current trends into future opportunities.

Through emerging consumer behaviors and market insights, I identified the brewery's unique positioning within the evolving craft-beer landscape. Utilizing innovation design, product & service directions, and consumer experience strategy, I crafted a unique go-to-market plan that resonated with the company's wild and boundary-pushing identity.

The Key Insight 

Well positioned commodity goods can leverage experiential marketing to challenge and reshape people's perceptions and redefine their value.

The Outcomes


Identification of a new market space that challenged traditional perceptions and introduced a wild beer experience. By establishing a clear vision and direction, we capitalized on the brewery's alternative fermentations and unorthodox techniques to create a compelling consumer experience.


We launched the brewery's first brick-and-mortar store and bar, successfully shifting the brand to a symbol of innovative, experience-driven craft-brewing, and redefining the product line as premium goods.

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