How can an aviation regulator redefine its role to navigate unprecedented industry challenges?

The Challenge

In an increasingly volatile aviation industry, marked by demanding consumers & operator challenges, the UK's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) sought to understand its evolving role as a regulator. The sudden collapse of Monarch Airlines, stranding 110,000 passengers, highlighted the urgency to define a new strategy to navigate a complex landscape.

The Approach 

With a focus on identifying
future forecasting and trend mapping, as well as understanding resilience within dynamic commercial landscapes, I employed qualitative research methods tailored to the CAA's unique needs. 

The methods included in-depth interviews with stakeholders, regulatory reviews and analysis, simulations, and collaborative problem-solving. I translated the immediate challenges into a broader understanding of how shifts in society, consumer behavior, and operator business models converge, shaping the future of the aviation industry.

The Key Insight

By connecting the dots between societal changes, emerging travel culture, and the commercial aviation industry, I identified the need for a clear vision and regulatory innovation. This insight not only addressed the CAA's immediate challenge but offered foresight into the market, industry, and policy dynamics that will define the CAA's role as a regulator in the years to come.

The Outcomes


Through cultural and industry analysis, this engagement helped the CAA redefine its role as regulator, in a way that aligned with shifts in society, culture, and consumer behaviors.


I led a comprehensive review of organizational risk exposure, solution mapping, and the implementation of resilience-enhancing practices across the business. This included tailored workshops and exercises to engage the CAA in cross-functional roundtables, foresight clinics, and simulations.


These findings not only resulted in internal improvements for the CAA but contributed to industry publications, and a case study which is used as a teaching material in globally recognized business schools.

Client Feedback

It's rare to find a consultant with the precision and dedication that McKenzie brought to the Civil Aviation Authority. He not only crafted meticulous internal and industry reports but delivered them with a quality that exceeded our expectations, always on schedule. His rigorous and methodical approach to his work is complemented by a professionalism that made collaboration a rewarding experience. Working with McKenzie was more than a business transaction; it was a partnership that enriched our understanding of our organization and the industry. His contributions are highly valued, and I fully recommend his expertise.

Richard Stephenson OBE, Director of Communications, Civil Aviation Authority

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