How can a Dutch manufacturing firm revolutionize the organics market by developing a new growth strategy?

The Challenge

The rapid growth in the international B2B and B2C organics market became challenging for a Dutch manufacturing firm. Existing operations couldn't meet overwhelming demand, resulting in operational downtime, inefficiencies, and significant waste. To revolutionize the organics market, the client engaged me to help develop a robust system that could handle current and future market demands without compromising product quality.

The Approach 

I conducted a comprehensive strategic and operational review. I engaged in ethnographic immersion, working as part of the operational team to conduct barrier mapping, solution identification, and to pilot workflow innovations. 

I conducted scenario workshops with operators, company-wide ideation clinics, and white space exploration with senior leaders to co-design a new strategy and internal processes which aligned with current and future growth trends.

The Key Insight

Traditional manufacturing companies lack resources & time to develop and implement innovative processes. The next generation of winners will adopt processes that harness technologies and methodologies that revolutionize output.

The Outcomes


Using future scenario workshops I defined a coherent growth strategy to ensure scalability without jeopardizing product quality.


Areas of waste and inefficiency were identified within the manufacturing and distribution process, as well as hidden opportunities and technological innovations which could improve output.


This engagement culminated in the implementation of a new $280k manufacturing and distribution facility, utilizing a lean methodology. Using market and industry analysis to draw connections between emerging trends and the operational landscape, a more efficient approach to manufacturing was developed. The new facility led to 2.5x output with the same workforce.

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